A Smarter Way to Fuel
Truck to Back Office in just Seconds!

Automation on the Ramp

Works with All Systems

The solution works with paper tickets, Veeder Root, Liquid Controls, and mechanical registers over Android/Apple phones and tablets to store fuel ticket data on the web. Connected to our software the automation register sends data instantly to the mobile device and it is uploaded to the Fuel Meter Cloud portal. Using paper tickets? No problem! Just configure your truck, tank, hydrant cart for "manual" fuelings and we handle the rest.

Tablets and Phones

Modern Hardware

Compact, Scalable, and Affordable

No need for complex, proprietary hardware with Fuel Meter Cloud! The system works with Android and Apple phones and tablets. Your staff can download the application to their own smart device and go to work immediately.

"The industry has wanted a solution that works on hand-held tablets and phones with any device; Nelson has finally delivered that vision with Fuel Meter Cloud."

Kevin Jensen of formerly of Veeder-Root - Jan. 2019